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Welcome to The Great Listening

meeting places with a state of mind.

Our Mission

The Great Listening is a non-profit organization based in Dalarna, Sweden, dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and providing support to individuals in need through listening and communication services. Our aim is to create a safe space for open conversations and offer resources to help those struggling with mental health issues. We are also focused on creating meeting places for people to come together, collaborate, and find common ground, based on the tradition of Almedalen week in Sweden and adapted to the democracy principles of each location. Our organization aims to promote democracy, societal development, and sustainability by empowering individuals and organizations to work together for a better world. The vision is to inspire and boost positive energy by uniting people and creative ideas, emphasizing the importance of active listening in the collaborative process. Our concept can be implemented anywhere in the world, empowering and inspiring people to collaborate and find common ground, and it aims to promote sustainability and growth. We also aim to empower and inspire individuals, decision-makers, and leaders by bringing positive energy and hope.


Upcoming Events

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